Insurance Claims and Disputes Attorney for Sumner, WA

If you’ve filed an insurance claim in or near Sumner, WA or are in a dispute with your insurance company, it is imperative to have the experienced insurance claims attorney from Karl Zeiger Law Office represent you. Insurance companies have access to many attorneys who are specifically trained to protect the needs of the insurance company. The intricacies in disputes and claims require an in-depth knowledge of insurance law so an attorney who specializes in insurance law should handle disputes and insurance claims. Some of the types of claims that can be filed are:

  • First-Party Insurance Claims: First-Party Insurance is a personal policy purchased by an individual. When the policyholder experiences damage or loss where a claim can be filed, the claim will be considered a First-Party Insurance Claim. If the insurance company chooses to not treat the policyholder reasonably or in good faith, then a claim can be filed against the insurance company.
  • Third-Party Insurance Claims: If there has been injury or damage to someone on the insured’s property, then a Third-Party Claim can be filed against the insured.
  • Bad Faith Insurance Claims: This is a type of claim that can be filed against the insurance company for acting in bad faith by inactions or actions of the insurance company like: refusal to investigate your claim, failure to communicate pertinent information, failure to process the claim in a reasonable amount of time, failure to come to a fair settlement, failure to disclose policy limits, and more.
  • Health Insurance Claims: Health insurance can be costly, so if your health insurance company denies or delays a legitimate claim, then a claim may need to be filed against the health insurance company.
  • Homeowner Claims: If you file a claim for damages to your home like theft, natural disaster, or mold and you’re covered but the insurance company delays or denies your payment, you may need to file a homeowner claim.
  • Disability Insurance Claim: Disability claims can be complicated because they involve claimant statement forms, medical examinations, physician statements, medical records, interviews, and much more including vast amounts of paperwork. When you need disability, you don’t want to have to fight your way through the insurance company’s lawyers. Protect yourself and hire a professional insurance claims attorney to represent your needs.

There are numerous types of insurance claims, so if you need to file one in Sumner, WA you should always have legal representation from an experienced insurance claims attorney like Karl Zeiger.

Experienced Insurance Claims and Disputes Lawyers in Sumner

If you have experienced any kind of loss or injury in Sumner due to the negligence of others, you deserve to have the best and most experienced personal injury lawyer working for you. At Karl Zeiger Law Office, you’ll find an attorney who is compassionate, educated, and experienced. Karl Zeiger has over 30 years experience as an attorney, with over 2000 cases successfully resolved. Karl Zeiger Law Office is entirely dedicated to getting you the best outcome in any type of insurance claim or dispute you’re currently experiencing or just starting. Contact us today at (253) 841-1000 to learn more about how we can help protect you and your assets when you’re involved in a claim.

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